Lian Li's PC-A51 Mid-Tower Case Features a Reverse Airflow Design



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They still got it wrong: instead of blowing/sucking cool air over the hard disks and warm air over the motherboard/videocards/CPU, they are moving cool air past the mobo and warm air over the HDs, which is STILL wrong.
Instead, they all need to remember the most basic property of thermodynamics: HOT AIR RISES. Therefore, intake air should be from the bottom/back/front/sides (through strategically-placed venting), and exhausted through a single large TOP fan and vent; which means that ALL components get the most cool air as possible, and NONE get preheated air from other components.

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Jeezusfuckingchrist. It doesn't take CFD to move the pull fan to the floor and mount a push fan in its place. Everybody happy?



No, because it's still going the wrong way. This case just won't do.



When the air comes in the front it blows directly at the GPUs. Here it seems to cruise right on by above them. Why can't we do this with any old case by simply reversing the fans?

BTW, what happened to side-panel fans?



Since heat rises, better to place hotter devices toward the top and have air pull from bottom and blown out to the top. This way, heat does not have to pass through cooler devices and increase temp of those devices. Most power supply units are now at the bottom for better stability. Not sure if most motherboard manufactures design with the main CPU and video card position near the top.



To those complaining how silly this is: reverse the fan directions. The PSU has a vent cutout at the bottom like most bottom-mount cases.



Having a node 304 being built right now, 780 gtx, i5, one 500 ssd and all smallform factor modular powersupply, short cable kit. This is small, clean and all you need. Anything more is a waste



While I will always applaud the attempt at better case design let me point out a few issues I have with this concept:

Graphics card exhaust exits the rear of the case in most situations. The hot air rises, and gets sucked right in through the fan above it. This creates a problematic vortex of ever-increasing warm air.

The rear fan filter isn't easily removable for cleaning. At least from the front fans on my case, I can see when there's dust and hair stuck to the bezel. With a fan in the rear it's not visible so it will certainly be neglected more.

The space behind my case is filled with wires, because that's where they all connect, not very friendly to air-flow intake back there.

The front bottom mounted power supply will be in the way of airflow to the case and could prevent an SLI-friendly setup. I'd much rather give up the optical mounts up top for power-supply positioning. If they did this right, they could have made the front bezel rotate-able to accommodate this very thing.

The cases that turn the motherboards 90-degrees with cards facing up are a much better thermal design theory than this.

To top it off, the price is a bit steep for what this is.

The hard drive mounting solution here is a clear win. So the design team doesn't have to take a total loss.



Lian Li finally figures out what I've been missing in my life. My PC blowing air onto my left arm while I game. My left arm will never perspire again (unless the air is warm).