Lian Li Launches Slim PC-V360 Micro ATX Case with Side Mounted Radiator Support



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Led Weappelin

For me this case is more than enough. For someone who is just going to use one videocard and a hard-drive+SS-drive this is all I need really. Even if I upgrade later it'll just be to replace my old GPU with another. I mean how much room does one need for a system like that?

Always loved their work.



This looks to be almost as big as my full-ATX mid tower case.

Top-mounted PSU? I thought that had died out years ago.

BTW I also need more than mini-ITX. Myriad other reasons (RAM slots, onboard headers, expansion slots) but the biggest is that my 8350 doesn't play in FM2+.



My thoughts exactly. Why would you pay more just to get less? Sure the removable radiator panel is a novelty, but it's there because the case is so small, yet it's not really much smaller than many mid-sized cases that can accommodate a standard ATX board. I don't understand why someone would voluntarily choose to lose their ability to upgrade components like this.

I admit I have a massive desktop, and my HAF-922 is one of biggest "mid-size" cases around today, so I don't have the room issues some others may have. And it seems that just when everyone, including me, start worrying that their single GPU is not going to be sufficient to power a future 2560x1440 monitor at full-tilt graphics, the patches eventually bring out the firepower potential of the cards. My GTX 680 was one that many reviewers saw as just barely too low powered for many games to run at ultra-high when they tested them last year in 1440p. Today, my card will run ANY game at ultra-high, even in 1440p. (Still need two for triple-monitor setups, but I don't plan on doing that anytime soon. heh.) So my upgrading to a 1050w PSU was perhaps overkill, for now anyway. But I have the options that are curtailed with this type of case.



at 19 inches deep what is the point still takes up too much room on your desk might as well get a bigger case. If you are going to put it on a small desk get a mini-itx which Lian Li has some. If it is going under the desk might as well go larger anyways. Mini-Itx is really all anyone needs, even those that think they need larger check yourself you dont. Maybe the 100 guys out there that really need triple sli for whatever reason, the rest quit it you also dont need a 20 foot long duallie pickup truck stop it



I love the style of these cases. The older I get, the more I appreciate a case with a bit of class to it. I'd rather this sitting under my desk than the weird-looking "gamer" cases that look like alien heads.