Lian Li Introduces PC-V2130 Full Tower Case



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Full size cases are so lame... go mini atx or mini itx
the huge cases most likely will be on the floor anyways vs on your desk Using a xigmatek Aquila mini atx, way better then prodigy and looks awesome all you need if running one video card and with a 780ti or stronger why do you even need sli etc with all the inherrant issues that can cause



Different strokes, ... so anyone that does not match your taste is LAME ????
For me I need my two 780 Ti's in SLI to run my 5760 X 1200 surround monitors (and having no issues with it) but your single GPU set up is not necessarily "lame", just not my choice.



With a price like that the thing better be bulletproof or something I mean goodness me.






I really liked Lian Li cases. They had function, thumb screws for everything and a very clean look. For the last few years though, it seems everything they've put out is just a bad mesh of trying to keep up and under whelming features.

This case especially, seems they reached out and put in every gimmick feature they could find with out addressing their core problems. It's jarring that this water cooled enthusiast case only supports a 120mm rear fan mount. The space between top of the case where you're supposed to mount rads and the motherboard is way too tight.

In my experience with Lian Li cases their thin aluminum side panels are the biggest causes of noise, no noise dampening material is going to fix that. And I can only imagine it being worse with just the quick release latches since you can't get a snug fit unless you use screws to secure them down.

Their tool-less PCI bay design just doesn't line up with dual bay video cards. You can force it, but it won't be secure. I usually just took it out and put in screws instead.

They still toss their hard drive bays right to the front of the case where usually their sole fan intake is.

I could go on, but this comment is just going to be over looked since this case is nothing to be excited over.



I've been a huge fan of Lian Li cases - I now have 4 of them in active use around the house. I agree that the company seems to be lagging behind the times in a number of ways. But I keep hoping they'll have a really state-of-the-art case in time for my next PC build.

One thing I flatly disagree with is your comment about the "thin" side panels. I've never found them to be particularly thin, or more prone to noise than the cheesy ironmongery side-panels you get with most cases. They also have a far more positive locking system than most. The last case I worked with was a very popular Corsair model; the side panel needs four hands to install, because it's slightly warped and lacks the channels to hold the front while you align the back.

What really keeps me coming back to Lian Li is the attention to detail. Every extra bit you could imagine is included. And the design is lavish where other cases are cheap. For instance, my current Lian Li case has a formed-aluminum front panel, with a perforated grille. I can't imagine what it cost to fabricate. Most top-name cases would use flimsy plastic for the same part.

But I do agree, Lian Li does seem stuck in some alternate time-space of its own. I really wish their designers could sit back a bit, look at competing products, and come up with a case that combines their own uncompromising aesthetics with all the nice features that are already standard on most other brands.



Oh yeah right, it is SURELY worth that price. LMAO


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