Lian Li's Super Skinny 'PC-Q05' Mini ITX Chassis Gets a Product Page

Paul Lilly

It's been several months since Lian Li's PC-Q05 was tipped online, reportedly the first chassis to support the new Thin ITX or Thin Mini-ITX format developed by Intel. The super slim chassis then made an appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last January, and it's been relatively quiet ever since. Lian Li's lips are still sealed, though there's now an official product page for the PC-Q05 filled with glamor shots.

The PC-Q05 is an all-aluminum chassis that weighs a mere 1.76 pounds. It measures 11.18 inches (W) x 1.85 inches (H) x 12.08 inches (D), plenty small enough to accommodate boards built around Intel's Thin Mini-ITX form factor, which must limit the I/O shield to 25mm (0.98 inches) high rather than 44mm (1.73 inches) as found on regular Mini-ITX boards.

Lian Li equipped the PC-Q05 with a pair of 2.5-inch drive bays, so it's possible to install a speedy solid state drive (SSD) for OS chores and a larger capacity mechanical hard drive for storage duties. The case will be available in silver and black, though when and for how much are details Lian Li has yet to reveal.

Image Credit: Lian Li

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