Lian Li's PC-D600 is a Double Wide Aluminum Case for Water Cooling

Paul Lilly

Ideally suited for water cooling

Not all computer cases can accommodate a water cooled setup. That isn't a problem for Lian Li's new PC-D600 case, however, as it sports a double wide brushed aluminum design with "tremendous water cooling support," the company says. To elaborate, there's oodles of elbow room inside the dual-compartment chassis, and if you're so inclined, you can install a 240mm radiator on the left side of the case, and on the right side 360mm/420mm radiators in push/pull are supported.

Water cooling is really what the PC-D600 is ideally suited for, though if you're just looking for a spacious enclosure, it answers the call with support for graphics cards up to 12.9 inches long and CPU coolers up to 7 inches high, along with room for up to six 3.5-inch hard drive and two 2.5-inch solid state drives, all of which are tool-lessly mounted.

Lian Li claims the PC-D600 is easy to break down for assembly. It features pop-off side panels and front bezel, the aforementioned tool-less installation of storage drives, and clip-in dust filters. If you need to remove the entire HDD rack on the right side, you can do so by removing a couple of thumb screws.

The PC-D600 will be available after October 20 for $349 MSRP.

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