Lian Li's PC-A05FN Turns the Case World Topsy Turvy, Exhausts Hot Air Out the Front

Paul Lilly

Lian Li isn't afraid to take a design risk every now and then, even if it might lead to ridicule. This was proven with the release of the PC-777 Memorial Edition chassis that looks like a giant slug lives inside, and then again with the PC-U6 Cowry , an updated version of the PC-777 that draws even more attention to itself with LED lighting. Lian Li's new PC-A05FN mid-tower won't test your taste for aesthetics, but it's yet another example of the case maker doing things a bit differently.

At a glance, the PC-A05FN looks like just another typical mid-tower box with brushed black aluminum. Pop it open, however, and you'll find that Lian Li shuttled the PSU mount from its traditional position towards to the back of the case to just behind the front panel at the base, directly below the HDD cage. Lian Li says this is a reversal of its front-to-back cooling scheme.

"In most of Lian Li's PC chassis front-panel fans are for intake and back-panel fans are for exhaust, but in the PC-A05FN this is reversed," Lian Li explains . "At the top of the back-panel, a 120mm intake fan pulls cool air into the chassis. Hot air is expelled with the help of a front-panel, 120mm exhaust fan positioned directly in front of the HDD cage with the air escaping through venting along the side edges of the front-panel. For users who want to increase airflow, Lian Li has included a 140mm top-panel fan mount (fan not included)."

There's also a vent right below the PSU mount with a washable air-filter. Other features include two rubber lined watercooling in/outlets on the back panel, three 3.5-inch HDD and two 2.5-inch SSD mounts with thumbscrews and rubber suspension, two 5.25-inch ODD mounts, external 3.5-inch HDD mount, USB 3.0 support, and enough room to fit graphics cards up to 280mm in length.

No word on price or availability.

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