Lian Li's Mini-Q Series is Compact, Kind of Ordinary

Paul Lilly

Typically when we think of Lian- Li enclosures, we pictured brushed aluminum and sleek aesthetics. We also envision huge towers with enough room to build a high-end PC and hide a body, and while the former is present and accounted for, you're not going to be shoving a whole lot into the the new Mini-Q Series .

Lian Li's catering to a different kind of system builder with its PC-Q06, a compact enclosure that's able to house your components on the inside and hold a mini-ITX mobo on top. Also available are optional ATX and mATX motherboard trays, which we suspect will be of more interest to most users shopping for a test bench.

You'll find holders for two PCI brackets Lian Li says are capable of holding heavy graphics cards, as well as the ability to house one standard 5.25-inch optical drive, one standard 3.5-inch hard drive, and one standard ATX power supply. Also included are two USB 3.0 headers and high-definition audio ports on the front panel.

We're told the PC-Q06 will be available by the end of May for around $90 in silver or black, and $105 for red.

Image Credit: Lian Li

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