Lian Li's Latest HTPC Chassis Sports Modular Drive Cages

Paul Lilly

Lian Li, maker of high-end cases often constructed in brushed aluminum, looks to add to its legacy with the PC-C50 multimedia HTPC enclosure.

Like so many cases before this one, the PC-C50 is made from the aforementioned brushed aluminum and is available in both black and silver. Modular is the name of the game here, with the PC-C50 sporting a modular CD-ROM cage and two removable HDD cages.

Adding a touch of modern flair, the PC-C50 incorporates USB 3.0 support into the front panel connectors. Other features include two 120mm exhaust fans on the side, PCI brackets with vent holes for additional cooling, two 120mm and 80mm size fan holes on the top and at the rear, respectively, an MS/SD card reader slot, and support for mATX, mini-DTX, and mini-ITX motherboards.

The PC-C50 will start shipping in late August for around $190.

Image Credit: Lian Li

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