Lian Li's Latest Gaming Chassis Boasts Two Heating Zones

Paul Lilly

Gamers with deep pockets have a new high-end enclosure to choose from, one that's loaded with modern amenities, including dual-heat zones so that your drives avoid cooking in the heat coming from your processor, videocard, and other components in and around the motherboard.

The spacious PC-X900 includes three 5.25-inch optical drive bays and seven 3.5-inch drive bays separated in two cages, all of which are tool-less. It can accommodate videocards up to 300mm in length, and you'll find four USB 3.0 ports mounted on the top cover next to an eSATA port.

Plenty of fans are provided to cool the aluminum case, including three 120mm blue or red LED fans on the front and two 120mm blue or red LED fans on the back.

Lian Li says this PC-X900 will begin shipping by the end of May for around $440 (Silver or Black) and $500 (Red).

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Image Credit: Lian Li

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