Lian Li's Hybrid Desk Chassis Shipping in July Starting at $989

Paul Lilly

Is it a desk or a computer case? It's both!

Lian Li teased a prototype computer case that doubles as desk back in January of this year. At the time, the company wasn't sure if the design would move past the prototype phase and become an actual product, but apparently a decision has been made. Lian Li announced today that it will begin shipping two versions of its computer desk -- DK-01X and DK-02X -- in the U.S. this July starting at $989.

One is a single-system enclosure (DK-01X) and the other is a dual-system chassis (DK-02X). Both are constructed of aluminum and sport an all-black design. There's a lockable sliding door to make installing and upgrading hardware easy, along with an adjustable and removable keyboard tray. You'll also find a side-mounted pocket with headphone rack for storing unused accessories.

There's plenty of space in each configuration with support for motherboards up to HPTX for both models, plus support for mini-ITX motherboards on the gaming oriented side of the DK-02X. Both support liquid cooling and can accommodate 360mm radiators on the side, along with removable brackets on the front -- the DK-01x has a 360mm bracket and the DK-02X has two 240mm brackets.

Other options include support for up to 10 removable hard drives on the DK-01X and 17 HDD bays on the DK-02X (8 for the smaller system and 9 for the larger system), CPU coolers up to 7 inches in height, power supplies up to 11 inches in length, and graphics cards up to 16.5 inches in length.

The DK-01X will sell for $989 and the DK-02X will go for $1,189.

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