Lian Li to Launch Silent PC-B12 Computer Case for $169

Paul Lilly

Luxury case designer Lian Li announced yet another brushed aluminum ATX computer case, though this latest one is purportedly silent. The PC-B12, as it's been dubbed, features a handful of traits designed to keep noise at a minimum, including noise dampening foam attached to the removable front and side panels. There's also a downward facing exhaust baffle that's supposed to help keep acoustics to a minimum.

The case itself is a mid-tower chassis that measures 210mm (W) by 472mm (H) by 498mm (D) and weighs 6.4kg. It's made of black aluminum and can support up to three 3.5-inch hard drives (with a hotswap option), a single 2.5-inch SSD, and up to eight expansion cards. Compatibility wise, the PC-B12 supports graphics cards up to 360mm in length, PSUs up to 240mm, and CPU coolers that stand up to 160mm.

Cooling duties are handled by a pair of 140mm fans up front and a 120mm fan in the rear, all three of which are included. There are no other optional fan mounts.

Lian Li neglected to mention when the PC-B12 will ship, though did say it will retail for $169.

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