Lian Li Launches PC-TU200 Case for Gamers on the Go

Paul Lilly

Lian Li doesn't really have a reputation for catering to the LAN party crowd, and perhaps that's something the case maker would like to change. Announced today is the PC-TU200 mini-tower PC chassis, a compact and portable enclosure with a handle on top for easy transport and an all-aluminum body that weighs less than 7 pounds.

It's available in black or silver and sports a "nuclear football" design. There's a single 140mm fan in front to suck cool air into the chassis and distribute said airflow throughout the case. That doesn't seem like much, but combined with the aluminum construction and rounded feet to elevate the bottom, Lian Li says the PC-TU200 is thermally efficient.

Lian Li says getting into the PC-TU200 is easy as pie thanks to a release lever on the back panel and corresponding side panels, which pop right off. Inside you'll find a hard disk cage with room for up to four 3.5-inch drives, so RAID isn't out of the question. There are two expansion slots, HD audio ports, eSATA, two built-in dual 20-pin USB 3.0 connectors, and room enough to hold hold graphics cards 11.81 inches (300mm) in length.

No word on price or availability.

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Image Credit: Lian Li

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