Lian Li Launches Curvaceous PC-Q30 Mini ITX Computer Case

Paul Lilly

A case with curves.

If Leisure Suit Larry was the type to build his own small form factor (SFF) PC, we have little doubt he'd pick Lian Li's new PC-Q30 enclosure. After all, he's into curves, and the PC-Q30 obliges with a funky design that, once again, proves Lian Li isn't afraid to try something different . With its curved shaped design and large acrylic front window, Lian Li says its fully aluminum chassis is ready and willing to give onlookers a view of what it's packing inside.

"Whether in the living room, bedroom, or office, the PC-Q30 with its curve-shape and brushed aluminum finish takes visual command without being ostentatious," Lian Li explains . "Additionally, DIY builders can put their stylized internal components and intricate builds on full display – as they should not be hidden from sight."

Moving on from the aesthetics, the PC-Q30 supports graphics cards up to 7.8 inches long and can accommodate up to four 2.5-inch drives, which are mounted in a removable cage at the bottom. There's a 140mm rear fan to expel hot air, along with ventilation on the top and side for cool air to enter.

I/O connectivity consists of a pair of USB 3.0 ports and HD Audio jacks on the side.

Look for the PC-Q30 to be available in June for $149.

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