Lian Li Launches Brushed Aluminum PC-A75X and PC-A76X Full Tower Cases

Paul Lilly

Lian Li has been churning out brushed aluminum computer cases for nearly three decades now, occasionally coming out with funky designs like the PC-777 Memorial Edition . The case maker's latest enclosures don't take any major aesthetic risks like that one did, and instead Lian Li's new PC-A75X and PC-A76X stick to what made the company famous in the first place, which is a simply stated, full tower, brushed aluminum design.

If you're looking to showboat with flashing LEDs and aggressive curves, these aren't the cases for you, or at least that's what we can discern from looking at Lian Li's press images. They are, however, sizable towers, each one capable of holding a dozen 3.5-inch hard drives.

In fact, these cases are nearly identically spec'd, save for the fact that the PC-A75X has a vented front panel to pull coor air into the chassis, whereas the PC-A76X sports a lockable solid aluminum front bezel (with vents on the side of the door and bottom of the chassis).

Otherwise, both cases are made from aluminum and feature 11 expansion slots, two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, HD audio, three 140mm fans, a single 120mm fan, and support for VGA cards up to 360mm long. They can also accommodate CPU coolers up to 170mm high and PSUs up to 360mm long.

The PC-A75X and PC-A76X should be available soon for $199 and $219, respectively.

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