Lian Li Introduces Tri-Compartment EATX PC-X2000FN Computer Case

Paul Lilly

At a time when computers are trending towards smaller towers and shrinking form factors, Lian Li decided to blatantly buck current tradition and release the PC-X2000FN, a hulking brushed aluminum enclosure with support for oversized EATX motherboards. The PC-X2000FN is made up of three separate compartments so that you can stuff a smorgasbord of components inside while maintaining some semblance or organization.

The case itself measures 27.3 inches tall but only 9.4 inches wide. The top compartment holds four of the seven hotswappable 3.5-inch drive bays, along with a 2.5-inch cage for installing up to three solid state drives (SSDs), Lian Li says. Two additional 3.5-inch HDD and a single 2.5-inch SSD can also be installed in middle compartment.

Lian Li claims the middle compartment is by far the roomiest, allowing DIY builders to cram hardware inside without worrying about space limitations for expansion cards and CPU coolers, the latter of which offers up to 7 inches of clearance. The case supports graphics cards up to 13.3 inches long.

Power supplies up to 9 inches install in the bottom compartment and are aided by ventilation slits underneath, along with a pull-out filter to rid yourself of unwanted dust bunnies.

There are a lot of features (which you can spy on the case's product page ), as there should be when the asking price is a hefty $499.

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