Lian Li Hates Cute Little Dust Bunnies, Equips All Cases with Washable Fan Filters

Paul Lilly

Life is short, play dirty. It's a motto we'd love to see Nike implement in a new sports shoe, maybe one with a steel tipped shank on the front or soles made of flubber. In a more literal sense, playing dirty describes how we use (and sometimes neglect) our PCs. Are you rocking any fan filters? You should be, whether it's one of Lian Li's new removable and washable filters, or ones you've constructed on your own à la MacGuyver.

Let's start with Lian Li's filters. The case and peripheral maker just announced two easy-to-install/remove twist motion filters, PT-AF12-3B (for 120mm fans) and PT-AF-14-3B (for 140mm fans). These are tool-less filters that install and detach with a simple twist and are compatibly with most fans, regardless of manufacturer. They're also now being installed on all Lian Li cases, though you can also order them separately.

If you're not down with that, you can make your own fan filters but cutting up a pair of tights, pantyhose, air conditioner filter material, and generally any type of porous material that will allow air to flow through. Just make sure to fasten the material securely so your home brewed filter doesn't get sucked in by the fan blades.

Image Credit: Lian Li

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