Lian Li Draws Inspiration from Auto Industry in Designing PC-Q15 Computer Case

Paul Lilly

We're not sure slapping on a pair of wheel-like stubs to a mini-ITX computer case qualifies as an accurate representation of a miniature SUV, but according to Lian Li , that's exactly the type of vehicle that inspired its new PC-Q15 chassis. Sporting an "automobile-esque design," the PC-Q15 is another brushed aluminum enclosure from Lian Li with a compact footprint and numerous features that bely its smallish stature.

The PC-Q15 measures 8.27 inches (W) x 8.5 inches (H) x 12.99 inches (D), or 210mm x 216mm x 330mm if you roll with the metric system, and supports mini-ITX motherboards. It can accommodate a front-facing optical drive, three 2.5-inch storage drives, and a single 3.5-inch drive. There's also room to fit a single videocard up to 9.84 inches (250mm) in length, and the case offers up to 3.54 inches (90mm) of clearance for your CPU cooler.

Other features include two USB 3.0 ports, a single 120mm fan, noise dampening rubber strips for your hard drive, pre-routed cables, and an included 300W power supply with 80 Plus efficiency.

The PC-Q15 is available in silver and black for $179 MSRP.

Image Credit: Lian Li

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