LG's LSM-100 Mouse Scanner Is A Mouse And A Scanner

Brad Chacos

So little desk space, so many peripheral devices. All the extra hardware that comes with a PC – think printers, routers and racing wheels – can threaten to overwhelm and consume even the largest of executive-sized desks. But, hey, things are slowly getting better; the fax machine went the way of the dodo (at least in home offices) with the rise of scanners, and now, you might be able to toss the scanner in the trash too, thanks to LG’s new LSM-100 mouse scanner.

You heard that right: mouse scanner. No, it doesn’t detect cancer in rats. Instead, the LSM-100 packs all the functionality of a basic scanner into a standard-sized laser mouse. In addition to handling traditional point-and-click duties, you’ll also be able to press a “Scan” button on the side of the device to activate the scanner. Simply passing the mouse back and forth over a document scans it.

You’ll be able to save the image in PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, XLS and DOC formats. Plus, the LSM-100 sports Optical Character Recognition technology, so any documents you scan in are fully editable in the DOC-supporting text editor of your choice. The mouse can scan in images up to A3 size, or 11.69 × 16.54 inches.

You can check out the LSM-100 at LG’s booth at the IFA conference in Berlin. If you can’t afford an international trip, feel free to check out the promo video above, which Engadget kindly pointed out to us . LG’s press release didn’t offer up any pricing or release info.

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