LGs Lifestyle Line Gets Us ThinQ-ing

Amber Bouman

While there’s an app for everything from the weather to what to wear, we’re still stuck getting out of bed to make coffee in the morning. But – no longer! LG has finally forced the rest of the household to catch up to your computer – from the microwave and the fridge to even the closet, LG’s ThinQ line is overclocking your appliances abilities.

With a line of smart solutions like Smart Diagnosis, which can identify and troubleshoot problems, to Smart Access which allows you to control and monitor devices while away from home, and Smart Grid which tells you the most energy-efficient times to run your appliances, LG’s slew of home solutions takes Wi-Fi where it’s never gone before.

But, like they say on infomercials, that’s not all – LG’s Food Management technology helps to reduce food waste. By using the drag and drop icons on the fridge’s LCD display (or via the voice recognition) you can not only check what’s currently in the fridge but also where certain items are located and when they’ll go bad. The information can also be pulled up on a smartphone, or a tablet, for checking while grocery shopping. You can also update your appliances applications via the company’s Smart Adapt feature. Finally, a kitchen for the 21st century.

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