LG G Watch Rocking Android Wear Platform is Now Available



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I'm more looking forward to the Moto360 myself. However, I'm also going to wait a bit and see if they can get more interesting uses out of Android Wear, before plunking down $250 for something that, LatiosXT rightfully pointed out, will require it's own maintenance.


The Mac

those motos look pretty sweet, they look like fancy Movado



Honestly this is kind of silly, the whole smart watch thing.

First we made pocket watches so we could have portable time keeping. Then we invented watches because taking out a pocket watch was annoying. Then we started using cell phones for time keeping and stopped using our watches... which we went back. And now we're back to watches again.

That aside, I'm just not seeing a desire for this when all it is is an information relay from my phone. What this means to me is another gadget I have to charge, another gadget that I have to maintain, another gadget that ultimate sips battery life from the gadget that I'm going to have anyway and I want to last.

I mean I guess if you must access this information every five minutes it might be worth while over pulling out the phone.



My thoughts exactly. I couldn't have summed it up any better.