LG Unveils the Handsome XNote P510


Dressed for success, LG this week announced a new flagship notebook in its XNote series, the LG XNote 510. Sporting an LED backlit 15.4-inch 1,440 x 900 LCD display, the new notebook comes configurable with three different Intel Core 2 Duo processors.

The XNote P510-UP88K brings an Intel Core 2 Duo P8700 (2.53GHz, 3MB, 1066MHz frontside bus) to the table, while also serving up 2GB of DDR3 memory, a 320GB hard drive, an external USB optical drive, and 802.11a/g/n. Gaming chores are handled by Nvidia's GeForceGT 130M graphics.

On the next rung sits the P510-UP95K, which ups the ante with an Intel Core 2 Duo T9550 (2.66GHz, 6MB, 1066MHz frontside bus), twice the amount of RAM at 4GB, and a beefier 500GB hard drive.

The LG XNote P510-UP98K is the top model in the series, boasting an Intel Core 2 Duo T9800 (2.98GHz, 6MB, 1066MHz frontside bus), and comes equipped with both a 64GB SSD and 500GB hard drive.

Each model comes with Windows Vista Home Premium and a textured chassis. No word yet on pricing or availability.

Image Credit: LG via SlashGear

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