LG Shows Off Mobile Digital TV Products at NAB Convention

Paul Lilly

The 'Mobile Digital TV' movement is swinging into full force "with an eye on future capabilities such as electronic coupons, video-on-demand, and real-time integration with social media," according to the Open Video Coalition. For this reason, Mobile DTV is a major focus at this year's National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) trade show in Las Vegas, with few companies as active as LG.

"As mobile digital television broadcasts ramp up this year, the television receiver of the future will fit in the palm of your hand and do much more than just deliver breaking news, weather alerts, and favorite shows," LG says . "In fact, the very digital TV broadcasting system used to deliver today's information and entertainment programming to mobile devices can also deliver up-to-the second social networking updates, engaging three-dimensional (3D) telecasts, and electronic coupons that would help eliminate the need to clip or print out coupons."

Sounds ambitious, but LG feels up to the task with a handful of new products on display. One of those is what LG claims is the first mobile digital TV that displays 3D images broadcast via the ATSC Mobile DTV Standard. Currently in prototype form, this device is a 7-inch receiver with auto-stereoscopic capability that doesn't require any special eye gear, like passive or active shutter 3D glasses.

LG is also showing off its first Android-enabled smartphone prototype with Mobile Digital TV reception. It offers conditional access functionality for future subscription broadcasts and can receive both non real-time data, like electronic coupons, and real-time data reception with applications like Tweet-TV.

Tweet-TV, in case you're wondering, is a mobile DTV app that allows viewer tweets to be displayed interactively on a mobile DTV receiver while a program is airing. These tweets are displayed in a transparent panel over part of the LG mobile DTV screen.

Image Credit: LG

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