LG Shows Off 3D Gaming Laptop

Ryan Whitwam

LG is not really a name associated with laptops, but that isn’t stopping the Korean company from taking its new LG A530 15-inch gaming laptop on a worldwide tour. Why take it on tour? This device has a high-resolution HD 3D screen, and that just doesn’t come across in pictures. So what can you expect?

The A530 will come with your choice of Core i3, i5, or i7 CPUs. A Nvidia GeForce GT 555 mobile GPU will be pushing pixels around that 3D screen. Buyers can add up to 8GB of RAM if they like. There is even an option for dual webcams for 3D video capture. Storage is handled with a fast hybrid drive with 4GB of NAND flash.

The screen is of the usual glasses-required variety. It will come with one pair of active shutter shades. LG was not forthcoming with the price. The 3D-packing PC will be out in Europe, Africa and the Middle East this month. American consumers will see it sometime later. If you think 3D is a gimmick, this is not the laptop for you. A certain subset of gamers might take note, though.

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