LG Jumps on the Windows Phone 7 Bandwagon

Paul Lilly

Those of you not employed by Microsoft are on your own when it comes to tracking down a Windows Phone 7 device, and when the holiday shopping season rolls around, you can add LG to the list of potential suitors.

"We have a deep relationship with Microsoft so expect [us] to have a couple [of Windows Phone 7 devices] by the end of this year," said Ken Hong , an LG representative in Seoul.

If you're plugged into the tech news circuit, then you've already seen one of LG's Windows Phone 7-based smartphones floating around the Net . According to LG, that model is prepped, primed, and ready to go.

This doesn't all mean that LG will suddenly put all of its eggs into one basket. The company said it plans to invest into research and development around other mobile phone OSes, particularly Android, but also other Linux distros.

Image Credit: Pocket-Lint.com

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