LG Declares War on Apple's iPad, Promises a Better Tablet

Paul Lilly

Apple can arguably lay claim to having the world's best tablet, but it's a default victory since there really aren't any widely available competing products to choose from. The landscape will change before 2010 comes to a close, and according to LG, you better believe the iPad is about to be unseated as the tablet leader.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Chang Ma, vice president of marketing for LG's mobile devices unit, agrees that the iPad is a great device, but it general sucks for doing any kind of real work.

"Our tablet will be better than the iPad," Ma said.

A bold statement for sure, and one LG plans to back up by launching a tablet in the fourth quarter under its Optimus line built around Google's Android platform. It will include "high-end features and new benefits," some of which will be aimed at productivity, like writing documents.

Other features are still a mystery, and Ma also didn't say whether or not LG's tablet will come tied to a carrier. But whatever, we're just tickled pink that LG is being so blunt rather than hide behind canned PR statements.

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