LG Confirms Android-Powered Tablet for Q4 Launch

Paul Lilly

LG today said it fully plans to release an Android-powered tablet in the fourth quarter of 2010, joining a number of other hardware makers who would like to make a splash in the tablet sector in the coming months, The Wall Street Journal reports.

South Korea's second largest electronics maker by revenue (Samsung is No. 1) didn't give out any details about its device, like how much it will cost or what region it will show up in first, only that it's coming and coming soon. Unless LG is planning some serious modification to the Android platform, the company's tablet will handle Flash content and be capable of multitasking, both of which the iPad is unable to do, at least before iPhone OS 4 ships (which will add multitasking, but not Flash).

LG also said it will launch smartphones running on Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 OS sometime in 2010, but again was short on details.

Tablet Wallpaper Credit: talkandroid.com

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