LG Coming to CES with Massive 3D TV

Ryan Whitwam

If you're one of the few to have a new 3D HDTV, it's about to feel a little smaller. LG has announced they will be bringing their LZ9700 3D HDTV to CES. This beast is going to be 72-inches of three-dimensional glory, making it the world's largest consumer LCD 3D TV. Not only that, but this will be an LED backlit LCD panel with local dimming. That means much better black levels in dark scenes.

The LZ9700 will also support DLNA, USB storage, and Media Link. It will also have LG's 400Hz "TruMotion" motion smoothing technologyas well. We've always felt these technologies make images look almost waxy, but they can be good for high motion content. LG says in the press release the set will be on sale in early 2011, but neglected to even ballpark a price. We assume it’s going to be selling somewhere in the neighborhood of 'more money that you have'.

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