LG Announces its Solar Cell OLED eBook Reader

Maximum PC Staff

Based on the sheer volume of eBook reader news that has been making headlines recently, it appears dedicated gadgets for reading is a trend that is here to stay. Generally the devices can be broken down into simple categories by features which sometimes include wireless over the air downloads, touch screens, or additional format compatibility.

Trying desperately to distinguish itself from the pack, LG is set to unveil its new eBook reader which includes a thin-film 10cm solar cell to wirelessly charge the device while outdoors. A mere four to five hours of sun exposure can yield up to a days worth of reading time indoors, and allows you to easily recharge your battery while on the go. Solar made a huge difference for portable calculators, and if it works as well as LG claims, it could prove to be a huge leap forward for the category.

The device itself has a 6-inch OLED display, measures in at 0.7 mm thick, and weighs a mere 20 grams. To save you the trouble of trying to convert those numbers, that’s about the thickness of a credit card and the weight of a fountain pen. It appears as though the design requires the device to remain tethered to the case, but we’ll know more when they get closer to launch.

Is this enough to set LG apart from the rest?

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