LG Announces First Full-HD 3D Monitor to Hit Store Shelves

Paul Lilly

Well what do you know, someone's finally gone and done it, and that someone is LG. What exactly are we talkinga bout? Releasing the world's first Full-HD 3D monitor .

We're told the display is already on store shelves, but details remain sparse . Here's what we do know: It's a 23-inch display suitable for both gamers and those who dabble in 3D broadcasts. The underlying technology is based on the "Shutter Glasses" technology, though seamless switching between 2D and 3D means you won't need to don a pair of goofy glasses every time you use the monitor, only when viewing 3D content.

And that's pretty much it, at least until LG divulges more info. Should they wait too long, though, they run the risk of being overshadowed of competitive models that are likely on the horizon, especially with CES just around the corner.

Image Credit: Akihabara News

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