LEPA Brings Big Wattage to MaxPlatinum Power Supply Series



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John Pombrio

This whole huge power supply issue will probably go away if NVidia's Maxwell and Intel's Broadwell chips are as good at low power requirements as they are reported as being. Imagine having 4 SLI using 4 six pin power plugs, one each. That should bring the power requirements down considerably. Time will tell.



Meh... I've been running dual power supplies for years... I achieve far more power, and far cheaper using two than I ever could with one.

I know most cases don't support dual power supplies, but I heartily encourage it for those that need the power and don't want to take out a mortgage to buy a power supply.



So for this year's dream machine, can you guys try CaseLabs Magnum TX10-V? http://www.caselabs-store.com/magnum-tx10-v/

Here's a pic of it. http://www.caselabs.net/cltx10_36.jpg



That is just about a 15 AMP draw which is the maximum standard 117V sockets in the USA can provide without blowing a breaker. Perhaps that is why the 1800 Watt unit is not available here, we do not use 220V sockets like they do in some countries.



This isn't necessarily true. Most household circuits I'd say are 15A breakers, but 20A breakers are also pretty common. The true reason I recall for not seeing > 1600W PSU's is they can't get UL listed if they go over that.

Another problem is breakers aren't really precise. Something like +/- 20% margin of error on them.