LEPA Expands Power Supply Line-Up

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New 80 plus gold and 80 plus bronze PSUs announced

LEPA Technology announced new power supplies in the GM MaxGold , BM MaxBron , and MX F1 series , which range from a modest 350 watts up to a more robust 1,000 and targets everybody from entry to enthusiast-level computer builders.

The GM-MaxGold and BM-MaxBron are both semi-modular power supplies. They feature a special Anti3s Q-Brick design which is a protective sleeve designed to protect from static, shock, and slip. This protective sleeve comes in both red ad black. In addition, both lines boast an improved DC-to-DC converter which improves stability in C6/C7 sleep modes. This ensures full Haswell support for low power sleep states.

The GM-MaxGold comes in three new variants, each receiving an 80 Plus gold rating for up to 92% efficiency. It's available in 500 watts for $90, 600 watts for $100, and 700 watts for $110.

The BM-MaxBron sports an 80 PLUS Bronze rating which yields up to 88% power efficiency. It's available in 450 watts for $70, 700 watts for $100, 800 watts for $110, and 1,000 watts for $140.

For the entry to mid-range market, LEPA's new MX F1 PSU sits at a cozy $30 for 350 watts, $35 for 400 watts and $50 for 600 watts. The name comes from its F1 racer inspired paint job. This supply sports 6+2 pin PCI-E power connectors for graphics cards.

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