LEPA Brings Big Wattage to MaxPlatinum Power Supply Series

Paul Lilly

For when 1,000W just isn't enough

LEPA isn't a name you hear that often, though if you subscribe to Maximum PC magazine and/or frequently visit our website, you may recal we equipped last year's Dream Machine with a LEPA G1600-MA power supply. That was a beastly PSU, though LEPA's new MaxPlatinum PSU line has a model that trumps it. It's the P1700-MA-EU, and as you might have surmised, it's a 1,700W model with a peak rating of 1,800W!

The P1700-MA-EU is one of three new PSUs LEPA just unveiled , the other two being the P1050-MA (1,050W) and P1375MA (1,375W). LEPA says the two 'smaller' models are 80 Plus Platinum certified, while all three deliver up to 93 percent efficiency.

As with the model we used in our Dream Machine, all three MaxPlatinum PSUs are fully modular with flat cables, which can make installation easier when you're working in tight confines (and neater when you have a giant chassis with lots of space). They also feature multiple +12V rails -- half a dozen on the 1375 and 1700 models, and four on the 1050 PSU.

Unfortunately the 1700W model is only available overseas (boo!), though the other two PSUs will be available worldwide. No word yet on price.

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