Lenovo's Smartphone and Tablet Sales Surpassed PCs for First Time in Second Quarter



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Death of the desktop, take 5632.

Remember, things in technology are either the absolute cutting edge and top in market share or dead. The winphone is as dead as linux on the desktop (barely above 1%). I sugest putting a zombie theme on your desktop just so everybody knows that your desktop is dead.

/note: in 1992 the desktops killed the mainframes. In practice, little changed (unless you worked for IBM in 1991, you probably didn't by 1993) but new projects were done on PCs instead of mainframes and anything that could afford to crash was eventually moved over to PCs (and some things that couldn't either moved back or wiped out companies before they could). Tech moves, things die, things get replaced. Right now the huge advantage desktops have are the huge monitor and full sized keyboard+mouse of desktops: Occulus Rift is likely to change both in a big way (although I will want to drive it with desktop derived hardware for the foreseeable future).