Lenovo's U1 Hybrid Tablet Laptop Not Up To Scratch, Pushed Back to 2011


First unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in January this year, Lenovo's IdeaPad U1 hybrid tablet laptop seems to be taking forever to show up in stores. The latest delay has pushed back the launch of the U1 to 2011 . The Chinese PC maker attributes the delay to the U1 not being up to the company's standards. Chinese consumers will the be the first ones to lay their hands on the redesigned product when it makes its retail debut next year.

We don't know what the IdeaPad U1 would look like after Lenovo is done revising it as per the company's quality standards, but we do know what it was originally meant to be: an 11.6-inch laptop with a display that doubled up as a Snapdragon-powered tablet when detached from the mother unit.

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