Lenovo Sold 4 Devices Per Second Last Quarter, PC Plus Strategy is Working



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I am one of those numbers. Just picked up a ThinkPad for the wife's birthday last month. It's hard not to take a look at the hardware specs and be amazed at their price points. Lenovo has also done a good job at making it easy to service the machines as well (much easier than her old dv2000).



That is very interesting and encouraging.

On a humorous note, just today as I was browsing a local brick and mortar tech store with my technology challenged brother-in-law, he pauses by several Lenova laptops and desktops and says, "Lenova, huh. I've never heard of them." It was all I could do to not bust out laughing at him. Instead I calmly explained who they are.

What can you expect from a guy who has never owned anything except a Dell, Compaq or HP PC, and his smartphone is an iPhone 5?



I'll do you one over that.

When we got my fater-in-law a laptop with an i3 in it last year for Christmas, I remember him looking at the sticker and exclaiming "Oh, look! It's a level three!"

I guess to his old eyes, an "i" looks like an "L".



Show him the way pastorbob. Show him the way.....


Renegade Knight

I'd never heard of them either until I bought and IBM Thinkpad at a garage sale and fell in love with Thinkpads.

After that I figured it out pretty fast.



I've used Lenovo for 15 years, before they merged with IBM, when they were still a little-known company. I've had HP, Samsung, Toshiba, Dell, and Asus over the years, but I'm telling you Lenovo's systems can't be beaten. They use high-quality parts, have one of the best keyboards, and they rarely overcharge for the amount of goodies and hardware they put into their systems, like some other brands. Apart from the cool and flashy Thinkpad line, most of their products are a bit business-looking and traditional, but they are meant for functionality, not just aesthetics. And they last! My last Lenovo PC and laptop lasted me 10 and 7 years, respectively.