Lenovo Retains Slim Lead Over HP as PC Shipments Continue to Slip



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Just helped my friend pick out a new Lenovo laptop at bestbuy yesterday



Let's face it people Smartphones and especially tablets are taking over for day to day simple task for work and play. For every job opportunity i have been into. I see mostly people walking around with their fancy tablets doing all their "grunt work". And if there is a PC it will have at least Windows XP installed minimum. The computing industry is definitely changing.

Even cash registers are now being replaced with tablets. And that's just reason number 1

Reason 2 is the fact that unlike tablets and smartphones. Your PC is a workhorse so much so that no longer needs to be replaced or upgraded unless it breaks or something. Tablets have to be replaced as these CPU's are so limited compared to a full blown AMD/Intel CPU's.

So yep. Its no wonder why PC's are in a decline.



Paul, Acer and ASUS had 20%+ declines - they fell off a cliff. 4 years ago, Lenovo was half the size of Acer - now they have 10 points more market share.

I will predict that HP will be #1 in the 4th quarter, and perhaps in the 1st quarter, and unless the China economy tanks, Lenovo will take over for good in the 2nd quarter of next year.

Next question is when Lenovo will overtake Apple in the US - Apple lost a lot of market share (refresh your products, fruity PC makers!) this quarter, ceding most of it to Lenovo (HP and Dell are at the top of the US standings).



The problem with this is that in the mid-long term it'll probably make components more expensive for those of us who build our computers, less demand => less suppliers => higher prices, as component manufacturers shift towards mobile computing (might make things cheaper in the short term though as less demand => current supply gets cheaper)


Renegade Knight

In the long run it could go either way. I predict fewer components but also less confusion. Instead of a raft of GPU's there might be 3 each from AMD and Nvidia. Apple has always done the less is more thing. HP, and others will likely head there in time. But time will tell.

Tablets though will become as common as dirt and about as cheap.