Lenovo Recalls About 37K ThinkPad Batteries Over Fire Hazard



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I imagine Lenovo's not to worried about the cost as probably at least 75% of those batts are in landfills...

If you are still using the same batt that you bought 3 yrs ago, About all it probably does is power your laptop for about 5min. Go on! finally get some replacement batts! On Lenovo!



did you know malaysia airlines flight 370 had battery cargo? they wondering if that has anything to do with it. cnn said lobbyists and industrial groups fought against batteries being considered dangerous cargo.


Peanut Fox

I'm surprised that something known for exploding or bursting into flames would not be considered dangerous cargo.

Don't most modern rechargeable batteries (excluding more common AAs and the like) for devices have chips in them for this very reason?