Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 Review



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670m is only about 10% slower than 650m SLI but is more reliable.

Also, I've made a comparison between Y500 to Y400 and Y580:


No doubt that for gaming, with the SLI support I'd go for two 750m modules. 750m is close to 670m in gaming power.



You'd think a 17" or greater(?) laptop would win the best gaming laptop award.



In this article it states two 650m outperform 1 gtx 670 is this correct?? Or do they mean a 670m?? If this is true this is one powerful little laptop, however I am not a bigfan of sli due to heat and more things to fail or not work correctly. I am running two 580m in sli right now in my alienware m18x and also have an m17x which did have heat and does have heat problems had to get a video card replaced it was fried and now its out of warranty. I still prefer the Asus 14 inch rog, one 660m, thinner, lighter, better looking only negative is battery life and its a built in battery, get a 150 dollar external battery is the anwere. I am waiting on haswell, perhaps a descent enough laptop, light and long battery life and can game on avg settings

Fortunately, the internal components performed quite well—beyond what we’d expect given the Y500’s affordability. This is the first time we’ve reviewed a laptop with two 650M GPUs in SLI and we’re happy to say it had no problems blowing away our zero-point’s single GTX 670. In both our STALKER and 3DMark 11 graphics benchmarks, it smoked the zero-point by more than 20 percent. The only issue we experienced was that we had to enable SLI in the Nvidia control panel, as it was disabled by default. The Y500’s Core i7-3630QM’s100MHz advantage over the GT60’s Core i7-3610QM gave the former a marginal advantage—Lenovo’s biggest lead here was 2.5 percent in the multithread-hungry x264 benchmark.



Hey Ron,

The Y500's two 650Ms outperform the 670M (mobile GPU).



If only Toshiba could have seen fit to have paired their 1440 screen with a discreet GPU. Of course if 2 650Ms can't power 1080 then I am extremely reluctant to see an Intel HD 4000 try to power 1440.

Is it possible to (easily) upgrade the caching SSD? Can the default 650M be upgraded (ie:the one not in the mentioned upgrade slot)? Can this be obtained with a better GPU?



At Lenovo's website the only IdeaPad that is comparable to the one reviewed here (1080 screen, 16 GB RAM, dual GPU) comes with 2 Nvidia GT 750Ms in SLI.

Did they send you guys an old version?



I wish they had something like this when I bought my latest Lenovo laptop last year. The trackpad issue you guys mentioned is a problem with almost all Windows 8 laptops that support those gestures. The trackpad manufacturers aren't doing a good job at giving them a lot of forgiveness in determining what is a gesture and what isn't. In other words, unless you always start your finger dead center in the trackpad, you'll probably trigger a gesture every now and then on almost any Win8 laptop.

I doubt any laptop with dual 650M GPUs, a Core i7 and 16GB of RAM is going to get good battery life. I would be curious to see what kind of battery life it gets with one 650M.



ROUNDED CORNERS ! I'm telling Apple



Pretty cool. I'm assuming that the 2nd modular bay can never hold a better GPU as Nvidia doesn't go in for that?

When I read that 2 650Ms in SLI can barely play some games at 1080 I more fully realize the horror of trying to play games at 1600+ with 1 650M on a macbook pro.

Still, I'd buy one.



I've had my eye on this laptop for quite a while. I've even seen this laptop (it had 2 650s, but I dunno about the rest of the options) drop as low as $900. I hope Lenovo continues to make laptops like this, because it sure looks like that it provides a lot of value. How thick is this, by the way? I'm not expecting any miracles, but I'd still like to know.

Also, I'm a huge fan of the simple flat aesthetic. Those MSI laptops sure aren't the most attractive things IMO. :P



"Its 15.2x10.2x1.4-inch chassis also makes it much smaller and more portable than our 15.6-inch MSI GT60 zero-point laptop"

I'm guessing it's 1.4 inches thick at it's thickest, not too bad, my laptop is nearly 2 inches thick but it's also mega screen....18.4 inch