Lenovo IdeaCentre A720 Review



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Peanut Fox

It would be nice to see how Intel's NUC with a 1080p touch screen or any ITX based system would stack up against this.



To this day, I still don't understand how PC OEM's consistently engineer flawed systems. Seriously, it seems like every single PC review ever in history follows the same format; "This PC has some great features but the speakers are crap", or "the trackpad sucks", or "the keyboard could be improved", etc...

This to me is the key difference between Apple and other companies. They focus on ensuring that every little detail in their hardware is perfect, while other companies are busy knocking out model after model of poorly engineered devices, each with their own crucial flaw.

I refuse to use Apple products because I disapprove of their business practices and I generally don't like their software interfaces. And here I am thinking, "Finally, a PC manufacturer realized how to take advantage of Windows 8 on the desktop form factor, this would be perfect in the kitchen", but nope! The hardware lacks and the HDMI input is more or less useless as you can't adjust the volume with a remote and the built in speakers are useless.

I just want a damn PC without any compromises! Good hardware, good screen, good mouse, good keyboard, good form-factor, good battery, good sound, good everything. Is that so much to ask!? Do the engineers at these companies even test the hardware they're designing!?



I hate to be the one to say it, but for $100 more you can get the thinner apple iMac with 27 inch 2560 by 1440 resolution, a gt 660m, more usb ports, thunderbolt, and a faster 7200 rpm 1tb hard drive. Granted it's not a touch screen but still, I'd loose that feature and just grab the imac and install windows 7 on it.



All the hardware is inside the little base? Performance aside, that is an awesome idea. I would love to see more of that on these AIO systems.