Lenovo Gives ThinkPad Laptops a Rugged Makeover for K-12 Students



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Nice review really got impressed by Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11e Chromebook. It’s iconic dark design makes it more interesting. You can also transform it into tent, tablet mode and it sophisticated design make it look more wonderful.



We built the atomic bomb with slide rules and now kindergarteners need are supposed to have laptops...

The chromebook is a complete waste. It fixed the usability problem of the netbooks by providing better hardware (friggin Intel) but it created a usefulness problem vs the netbooks by running such an extremely limited OS. At least, referencing the recent GMail debacle, tomorrow's chromebook-toting elementary schoolers will be able to make "Google is down" the new "My dog ate it" for not having their homework.



Those better have sensors to halt the HDD when movement occurs or these kids'll be needing new HDD's every 6 months.



They had these sensors since the Lenovo T400s and possibly earlier models. I know it because my previous highschool was a laptop highschool.



the last generation of Chromebooks (X131e Chrome) had a 16GB SSD in lieu of an HDD. All ThinkPads since the T30 (circa 2002) have had an accelerometer to detect motion - if the thinkpad falls off of a shelf or desk, the HDD is automatically parked. I would assume (don't know for certain) that this model does as well.



There goes Lenovo again; killing it with portable machines that serve a sound and logical market. Arguably though, Apple owns the K-12 environment and kids see the logo as a must-have status symbol. Price is clearly in Lenovo's favor here as far as product distinction goes.

Lenovo shows no signs of slowing down their quest for market share. Good for consumers when competition is increased. Lenovo has yet to really toss their attempt into the ultra-portable gaming laptop, maybe an announcement is coming soon.



Thank goodness that Thinkpads still have that classy black look, and haven't gone for flashy/gaudy designs and patterns like some other manufacturers.


Renegade Knight

There is an irony that Thinkpads which are known for being ugly actually look good and all the new stuff out there is actually ugly in my book.