Lenovo Working on Honeycomb Android Tablet Too

Ryan Whitwam

A deck of PowerPoint slides obtained by Thisismynext have subtly revealed the existence of a 7-inch Lenovo Android tablet slated for a late 2011 launch. Details are thin, and the image appears to be a placeholder, but there are some definite points of interest. Can it keep up with the competition later this year?

The device will have a 1280x800 resolution screen, which should look quite nice in a 7-inch form factor. The CPU is listed a dual core ARM. All Google-approved tablets thus far have had Tegra 2 processors (except for the original Galaxy Tab), but by Q4, the specs could be loosened up. The slide also claims the tablet will run Android Honeycomb, but that might just be a way of saying that they will run the whatever the Google-approved tablet version of Android is at that time.

The last item revealed by the slides is that the Android build will be running Lenovo's LeOS user interface on top of Honeycomb. That's something we haven't really had the chance to see state-side, so it could get interesting. Would you buy a Lenovo Android tablet?

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