Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Hybrid Will Dual-Boot Android and Windows 7

Pulkit Chandna

The idea of pairing Windows with a so-called instant-on OS is nothing new. Many notebook vendors have gone down that path before, even though this strategy seems to have few takers among notebook users. According to a new report, this time it’s Lenovo that has decided to give this idea a shot.

The Chinese PC vendor, say The Verge’s sources, is bringing together the otherwise unlikely pair of Windows 7 and Android for a new variant of its 13.3-inch Thinkpad X1 ultraportable, which it launched earlier this year. Quite aptly called Thinkpad X1 Hybrid, the dual-boot notebook is reportedly going to arrive later this month.

Apart from providing instant-on functionality, the X1 Hybrid’s Android installation will help the user extract more multimedia juice out of the machine’s battery. The report claims that the X1 Hybrid will be twice as power efficient in “Instant Media Mode” (Android) than while running Windows, with the former offering up to 10 hours of battery life.

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