Lenovo Looking to Enter Smart TV Market

Paul Lilly

Word on the Web is that Lenovo is talking with several OEMs, including Wistron and Compal Electronics, in hopes of contracting one to build smart TVs. This is new ground for Lenovo, but not uncharted territory for OEMs who also dabble in notebooks, like Samsung and LG. Lenovo's desire to follow them into the living room underscores the convergence of PC technology with entertainment devices.

According to news and rumor site DigiTimes , Lenovo has relationships with Quanta, Wistron, and Compal, all three of which build notebooks for Lenovo. Compal also produces 10.1-inch tablet PCs for Lenovo, while the company has subcontracted the production of handsets to Wistron NeWeb, a subsidiary of Wistron.

It's a toss up as to which one of those production partners would build a smart TV for Lenovo, and it's also unknown what specific features the company would be looking for. Many companies use their own platforms and offer much desired features like Netflix, social networking, streaming music, and other popular features baked in.

Image Credit: Lenovo

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