Lenovo Leapfrogs Acer in Worldwide PC Shipments, Asus Joins the Party

Paul Lilly

Lenovo stopped just shy of declaring war on Dell in a recent public press statement declaring its intention to "surpass Dell in sales by year end and become number 2 in worldwide PC sales." There's still time left for Lenovo to make good on its prediction, but in the here and now, the OEM will have to settle for third place.

Market research firm IHS iSuppli posted second quarter shipment numbers that indicate Lenovo moved enough PCs to run roughshod through Acer to become the third largest PC maker in the world, but still trails Dell (No. 2) and Hewlett Packard (No. 1). Both should be looking over their shoulders, however, considering Lenovo was the only Top 5 PC maker to post double-digit sequential and year-over-year growth rates at 25.6 percent and 23 percent, respectively.

"Beyond the continuing strength in its home market of China—where the both the economy and PC demand continued to expand vigorously—Lenovo’s performance in the second quarter was boosted by rising sales in other regions," said Matthew Wilkins , principal analyst, compute platforms for IHS. "These regions included the broader Asia-Pacific area, as well as the United States, with Lenovo performing well in those places because of demand from the enterprise segment. Meanwhile, Acer suffered from inventory problems, particularly in Western Europe, which lowered its shipments and resulted in lost market share."

The other company to keep an eye on is Asus, which demonstrated "impressive growth" and cracked the Top 5 list, supplanting Toshiba for the No. 5 spot.

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