Lenovo Laptops to Allow Remote Disable via SMS

Maximum PC Staff

Your data means a lot to you, and Lenovo is looking to add one more layer of security to it with their latest concoction – a remote disable that you activate using a text message. The system, called Lenovo Constant Secure Remote Disable will be rolling out as early as 2009.

The remote disable allows anyone with a lost or stolen laptop to simply send a text message that will completely lock down the computer. According to Stacy Cannady, Lenovo’s Product Manager of Security, the computer waits to be turned on by the would-be thief, then locks itself down and uses this time to encrypt the hard drive. Once the machine is recovered all it takes is a “resurrection” password to completely unlock the whole thing.

According to Cannady, “The limitation here is that you have to have a WAN card in the PC and you must be paying a data plan for it. If that is true, when someone steals the PC, you can whip out your cell phone and send a message to your PC, wherever it is, and when the PC gets that message, it will shutoff at that moment. The only way to get it back is to type in the resurrection code.”

Now, let’s just hope that once this technology comes full circle to the Twitter using public, they don’t get the two mixed up!

Image Credit: Lenovo, Twitter

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