Lenovo Installs Burly Thnkpads as Bus Seats

Paul Lilly

Here's an ad campaign we're willing to be you've never seen before. In an effort to prove just how tough their laptops are, Lenovo has outfitted buses and tram shuttles throughout Germany with the company's Thinkpad notebooks installed as seats.

That's right, Lenovo is daring Germans to plant their hind quarters on an open Thinkpad as prospective buyers are shuttled to Lenovo Roadshows all across the country.

A couple of questions immediately come to mind. Can this kind of seating really be good for sperm counts? And what happens if you have a bad case of gas? In that case, it sucks to be the next guy who's more interested in surfing the web than sitting on a laptop that's seen more ass than Paris Hilton.

Image Credit: Lenovo via directdaily.com

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