Lenovo Comments on Strike at IBM Server Factory in China

Paul Lilly

Over 1,000 IBM workers go on strike to protest deal with Lenovo

Lenovo and IBM entered into a definitive agreement at the end of January in which Lenovo would acquire IBM's x86 server business for around $2.3 billion. As part of the deal, approximately 7,500 IBM employees in more than 60 countries would be offered employment by Lenovo, though concerns over wages have some workers protesting the deal. According to various reports, over 1,000 workers went on strike at one of IBM's factories in China. As far as Lenovo is concerned, it's up to IBM to deal with the matter .

"This acquisition still requires the approval of relevant government and regulatory authorities. Lenovo and IBM are two independent companies. Any integration between Lenovo and IBM’s x86 server department will not be conducted until the deal is closed. The strike at the IBM server factory in Shenzhen is an internal matter for IBM," Lenovo said in a statement on its website.

At the same time, Lenovo is putting pressure on IBM to resolve the manner due to the fact that it views those workers as a "great asset and key" to the company's long term success. To help ease concerns on the part of striking workers, Lenovo vowed not to reduce their wages or benefits.

"Lenovo will rely on these employees to build the business after closing and looks forward to welcoming them to Lenovo in several months’ time," Lenovo added.

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