Lenovo Chairman Predicts Surpassing Dell By The End Of The Year

Brad Chacos

You don’t get a leg up on your competitors by just sitting around (unless you’re a lemming, of course). Lenovo’s staying plenty active and reaping the dividends.  The company slipped past Acer to claim the spot as the world's third-largest PC manufacturer in the second quarter thanks to a ridiculous 22.9 surge in shipments, a rarity in the otherwise sluggish PC market. Now, Lenovo Chairman Liu Chuanzhi is putting his mouth where his money is; he isn’t content with the bronze medal and says Lenovo will topple Dell as the second-largest PC manufacturer in all the land by the end of the year.

Those are big words, but not quite as outlandish as they may first sound, even if Lenovo doesn't hold a top-five presence in the US . Lenovo’s sitting pretty with 12.2 percent of the worldwide market share. Dell’s silver-medal finish came courtesy of a 12.9 percent share – a difference of under 1 percent. On top of that, Dell only managed to increase its shipments by 2.8 percent in the second quarter, while pales next to Lenovo’s 22.9 percent improvement.

PCWorld reports
that Lenovo’s strong figures were driven by a focus in young PC markets like Latin America, India and Africa, as well as Lenovo’s dominating 31.7 percent share of the Chinese market, which recently surpassed the US in total PC shipments . Taking all that into consideration, it’s starting to look like Chuanzhi’s prediction could very likely come true.

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