Lenovo Blurs the Gap Between Netbook and Laptop With Updated S-Series

Maximum PC Staff

The Lenovo S-Series used to induce cringes around the MaxPC offices, and with good reason. These units used to represent the lowest cost, most underpowered Netbooks Lenovo could produce. They were decent machines for surfing the net or jotting down a few notes in Word, but not much else. Fast forward to yesterday however, and the S300, S400, and S405 are actually looking like somewhat capable machines. Starting at just $499, Lenovo is offering up Netbook alternatives that literally blur the line between the two categories.

On the outside all three units feature the same 1366 x 768 display, on the inside however the range of options can quickly push the S-Series towards $1,000 mark depending on your needs. Currently the options allow you to pick from ultra low voltage Intel Core i3 or i5 processores, however if you step up to the S405, you get a quad-core AMD Trinity chip. All but the very base model includes a 32GB SSD drive for improved boot performance, and weighs in at under 4 pounds with just 1 inch in thickness. All models also include an Ethernet jack, three USB ports, and even a USB 3.0 socket. HDMI, and SD card readers, thankfully, are also a standard.

AMD Radeon 7450M graphics are rumored to be optional as well, but we won’t know for sure until the units officially launch. Keep an eye on the Lenovo page S-Series page for more details.

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