Legal Setback in Germany Prompts Apple to Remove Older Devices from Online Store

Paul Lilly

While Apple's been busy trying to chase Samsung's Galaxy line out of the Milky Way, Android device makers have ganged up on the Cupertino outfit and experienced a spattering of success. The latest setback for Apple comes from a second German patent ruling against the company over its iCloud service that was brought about by Motorola Mobility, which is currently being acquired by Google.

Motorola sought a permanent injunction against iCloud based on claims Apple infringed a patent used to synchronize email accounts, Bloomberg reports . Apple wasn't able to convince the court otherwise, and as part of the ruling, Motorola is allowed to request information from Apple regarding past device sales and seek damages from the Cupertino company.

In response to the ruling along with a similar one that was won by Motorola back in December 2011, Apple last night pulled some older iPhone and iPad devices from its online store in Germany, including the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and any/all 3G/UMTS-enabled iPads.

Apple plans to appeal the ruling.

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